Years of experience in fabrication, widely serving various related industries, such as fabrication

 products, hardware products, decorative products, furniture hardware, lighting hardware, automated machinery and equipment, manufacturing, etc.

Fabrication equipment shell processing

Mesh fabrication shell processing

Aluminum control cabinet

Stainless steel box

Stainless steel equipment

Large mechanical fabrication and structural parts

Bending processing of special-shaped parts


CNC Machining


Mainly engaged in conventional machining processing, production and development of special materials, manufacturing of production tooling and fixtures, design, development and manufacturing of non-standard equipment and instruments, etc.

LED radiator and accessories

CNC machining aluminum alloy parts

Mask machine accessories

Sports equipment accessories

Y axis synchronous wheel extraction

Roller / gear

Operator board connection plate

Gas Cylinder

Yuhao is the largest gas cartridge and cartridge related products manufacturer in China, with rich experience in designing and manufacturing gas cartridges and cartridge related products.

CO2 Cartridges

N2O Cartridges

CO2 Tire Inflators

Life Vest/Jacket Cartridges

Airgun Paintball Cartridges

Beverage Using Cartridges

Air Vest Cartridges

Beauty Cryo Cartridges


Company Introduction


Zhongshan Yuhao Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. The company is located in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City. Dongsheng Town is a key industrial satellite town in the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Xiaolan in the north and Zhongshan City in the south. It has unique geographical advantages.

The company mainly engaged in machining, CNC, laser cutting, punching, steel processing steel trade, steel structure design and production, equipped with large data cutting, heavy shear, folding, bending, coiling, welding and other modeling production, and numerous Large-scale builders, mechanical heavy industry, automobile manufacturing, laser equipment, etc. maintain good cooperation.

Our company has always adhered to the development strategy that talent is the primary productive force. The company’s in-service professional managers, senior engineers and technicians account for more than half of the company’s employees. A number of technicians specializing in the production of hardware accessories for more than ten years, is a production team with rich experience. We are always in a hurry, think about what people think, follow the service concept of “honesty, reputation first”, and can provide from development design, precision casting, machining to surface according to drawings, samples or customer requirements. The whole process of processing. As long as the customer needs, we try our best to meet!

We are willing to cooperate with you for the future with integrity, equality, mutual assistance and win-win! Thank you for your patronage!